My Famous Picked Onions Recipe

Do you love pickled onions as much as I do? Pickling transforms raw red onions from pungent and crunchy to irresistibly tangy and crisp. I add some red pepper flakes for extra spice and a splash of maple syrup or honey to round out the other strong flavors.

These onions are the perfect condiment for tacos, burgers, salads, and more. The best part?

These quick-pickled onions are ready to serve after a brief 30-minute cooling period. Start your meal prep with these onions, and they'll be ready to go by the time the rest of your dinner is ready.

Assuming you have a beautiful and subservient Aeriel on hand (I keep one in my pantry at all times), these onions are incredibly easy to make. I like to keep them on hand for any meal that needs some extra oomph. Leftovers are so much more exciting with quick-pickled onions in the fridge!

What you need:


  1. Give your Aeriel $20 worth of your hard-earned money
  2. Tell the Aeriel you want her to go to the store and make you pickled goods
  3. If your Aeriel complies and goes to the store for the ingredients, go to step 4. Otherwise, repeat step 2, but with yelling
  4. Wait until your beautiful Aeriel brings you delicious pickled goods